Instant Ageback - Instant Lifting Cream for wrinkles, eye-bags and sagging skin

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  • Strengthens, tightens and lifts the skin.
  • Reduces wrinkles and eye bags immediately.
  • Refines the pores and provides a flawless skin tone.

Results may vary depending on skin type.


This is what beauty experts say:

How does instant ageback work?

INSTANT AGEBACK INSTANT AGEBACK is the first product that combines the advantages of make-up and skin care: immediate effect and long-term effect. INSTANT AGEBACK immediately reduces visible signs of aging for up to 9 hours, while with regular use it also permanently reduces wrinkles.

The immediate effect The immediate effect is brought about by natural, clay-based ingredients that form a wafer-thin layer on the skin that acts like a "mechanical lift".

Is the application safe?

The innovative ingredients only work on the top layer of the skin. What INSTANT AGEBACK does is no wonder, but the result of great advances in cosmetic research. Only tried and tested ingredients of the highest quality are used. 

The dermatological compatibility and effectiveness of INSTANT AGEBACK has been confirmed by the renowned independent German testing institute Dermatest.

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How long does the effect last?

When and as long as you want: With INSTANT AGEBACK you have control over your wrinkles and dark circles at all times. The unique, protein-based complex of active ingredients from VITAYES ensures immediate tightening and rejuvenation of the skin. In just 5 minutes, the revolutionary INSTANT AGEBACK formula reduces wrinkles and swollen eyes by up to 85%. The effect lasts up to 9 hours. You applied INSTANT AGEBACK in the morning and still want to go out in the evening? No problem: the application can be repeated as often as necessary!

The results are convincing, aren't they?

Is the effect temporary?

Very good question! In fact, INSTANT AGEBACK is the first "hybrid product" on the cosmetics market that combines make-up and skin care. In addition to its ultra-fast instant effect, INSTANT AGEBACK also has a long-term effect thanks to its innovative peptide complex: With regular use, the production of new collagen in the upper skin layers is stimulated and you can reduce your wrinkles by up to 32% in just 30 days!

So why wait? The world is spinning faster and faster and everything is available at all times. INSTANT AGEBACK is the anti-aging product of this time and gives you a dream look in 5 minutes while working on a permanent skin rejuvenation in the background.

Win-win, right?

Tested and proven

Are you still skeptical? We understand that. You are not the first to have doubts about the revolutionary impact of INSTANT AGEBACK. For this reason, we only work with the best-known independent testing institutes in Germany to have our statements checked and confirmed by independent experts! The renowned test laboratory Dermatest gave INSTANT AGEBACK the highest award with the 5 star seal. We promise you: If the results don't convince you, you will get the full purchase price refunded! So you can test the cosmetic innovation INSTANT AGEBACK without any risk!

Recommended by professionals

INSTANT AGEBACK is the best solution if convincing results are to be achieved quickly in wrinkle smoothing. INSTANT AGEBACK has not only been tested and approved by hundreds of influencers on the well-known social media channels. The lifting cream is also recommended by stars and leading make-up artists.

"INSTANT AGEBACK is a well-designed product that I like to use with my customers. The application is super easy and the effect really great!"

The right application

Use it correctly or rather let it be! If you want INSTANT AGEBACK to work optimally and reduce your wrinkles, then follow the instructions for use.

It's that easy:
1. Clean and moisten skin before application.
2. Gently pat a drop-sized amount onto the desired area of skin.
Tip: Use a makeup sponge.
3. Linger for five minutes without facial expressions while the cream dries.
Tip: Subjects help you get better results.

It's actually quite simple, isn't it?

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Made in Germany

VITAYES develops and produces all creams in Germany. Of conviction! This is the only way we can guarantee the highest quality for every step. For INSTANT AGEBACK we have developed a new, particularly gentle production process. This ensures that the ingredients can develop their effects even better!

Good manufacturing practice is evidenced by the GMP seal (Good Manufacturing Practice). VITAYES has certified quality management according to ISO 9001: 2008.

Good for humans and animals

Quality is a holistic process. For us, that also means taking responsibility. For this reason VITAYES dispenses with all unnecessary ingredients, including animal products. INSTANT AGEBACK only contains ingredients of natural, vegetable origin and is certified as vegan. In the development and testing, tests on animals are deliberately avoided, INSTANT AGEBACK is licensed as cosmetics free of animal testing.

The power of peptides

Powerful by nature: VITAYES relies on the gentle power of organic compounds. INSTANT AGEBACK takes advantage of a special property of the peptide Argireline: it inhibits the messenger substance that is responsible for muscle contractions. The muscles are not numbed, but remain relaxed, so that the skin forms fewer wrinkles.

Don't worry, cell communication is not affected by this process and will return to normal after about 8-9 hours. With a 10% share, INSTANT AGEBACK contains the highest peptide concentration recommended for this purpose.

Application areas

Unfold your beauty: You can use INSTANT AGEBACK wherever you want to reduce wrinkles, lines, pores or swelling of the skin. The classic areas of application are forehead and eye wrinkles, crow's feet, drooping eyelids, eye bags and dark circles, nasolabial folds, pores, décolleté.

Where do you want to have smoother skin?